The Farewell to Crutches – that’s what people call Menji Resort in Georgia. This place is a true wonder of nature, with near-miraculous healing properties when it comes to the treatment of the joints, peripheral nervous system, gynecological system, or circulatory system.
Distance to the location by road from:
4:35 hr
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What is the Reason for the Name Menji?

Menji is a Megrelian word that means “sour water”. 

The Menji Balneological Resort has waters with the following scientific properties: mineral waters with methane, sulfide, flint, and chloride/sodium, with a general mineralization of 6.0-14.0 g/dm³ and mineral waters with nitrogen, sulfide, and sodium chloride with a general mineralization of 5.2-7.4 g/dm³, a temperature of 27°C, and a daily outflow of 700,000 liters. 

The Historical Past of Menji Resort

The full treatment potential of these mineral waters began in the 1930s, and by 1938 the resort was recognised as one of great significance to the republic. At around this time, infrastructure such as a sanatorium, railroad hospital sanatorium, and a resort clinic were also established in Menji.

Despite the fact that Menji’s waters have already been used to treat thousands of people, specialists believe that the resort has yet to reach its full potential. By creating deeper wells, it could be possible to get high-temperature water as well, which could be used to treat different conditions.

Menji – One of the Best Places for Relaxation in Georgia

Thanks to its subtropical climate, Menji enjoys snowless winters and very warm, humid summers. This makes it a pleasant place to vacation regardless of the time of year.

Samegrelo Region’s beautiful mountains and forests, as well as the fresh air make for a wonderfully soothing environment. 

For those interested in historical and cultural monuments, you absolutely must visit Menji Fortress, which dates back to the 4th through 6th centuries. It is an ancient complex, with a church, a tower, and a wall. Well worth a visit when you aren’t soaking in nature’s splendour!

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