If you want to experience the real Georgia, you need to visit the Georgian countryside. In Saguramo village, located just twenty kilometers from Tbilisi, you’ll find cultural monuments, beautiful nature around, and modern villas.
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The History of Saguramo

The village of Saguramo is much more than a getaway for Tbilisians that crave for better air! It has a long and storied history, and is part of many important events in the chronicles of Georgia.

The village was given to the nobleman Guram Zedginidze and his brothers in the 15th century by the King of Kakheti, Aleksandre I. Later on, it would become the center of the lands owned by Guramishvilis (literally, descendants of Guram), and, in 1705, the great Georgian poet David Guramishvili, was born there.

On March 20th, 1905, an important conference of peasants was held in Saguramo, demanding that their duties and taxes be temporarily canceled, along with the transfer of land, returning of the money paid for it, and the use of that money to build hospitals, schools, and roads. Other demands included the abolition of titles and ranks, and the establishment of local self-government with leaders chosen by the people.

Saguramo is also the place where the great Georgian poet and public figure Ilia Chavchavadze settled after his marriage in 1863. He was immensely liked and respected by citizens, and would host gatherings where nobles and peasants would mingle, which was unheard in the XIX century.

He was assassinated on the Saguramo Road, near Tsitsamuri Village. At his museum house you will learn more about the works of this outstanding man, who was canonized as a saint by the Georgian church as Ilia the Righteous.

Nature of Saguramo

In addition to its rich history, Saguramo is also surrounded by natural beauty. On the Saguramo Mountain Range lays a part of Tbilisi National Park, a nice place for walks and picnics.

It is because of these natural assets that there are some climatic resort areas nearby, including Saguramo, Karsani, Zedazeni, Tsitsamuri, and Tserovani, which are famed for the beneficial climate for the support of circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems.

Due to the outstanding conditions, Saguramo is recognized as a popular place for summer houses. It is attractive as a multifaceted vacation area, where you can both go on a picnic and plan a hike. 

Saguramo is also home to Zedazeni Monastery, an incredibly popular landmark with visitors to the region.

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