If you ask an Ajarian where to find the clearest water on the shores of the Black Sea, you’ll be shown the way to Sarpi Beach. This is where the mountain meets the sea, and where the underwater world is just a short leap off a cliff away.
Distance to the location by road from:
6:30 hr
0:35 hr
3:10 hr

The Climate in Sarpi

Sarpi is a small village lying on the border of Turkey and Georgia, but with a big history and immense natural beauty. It is south of Batumi, in the Khelvachauri Municipality.

The waters of the Black Sea are especially warm here, reaching an average of 25 degrees Celsius in the summer and retaining that temperature all the way through until late autumn. Even in the burning heat of the summer, however, the breeze coming down from the mountains keeps away the worst of the day’s heat.

Relaxation in Sarpi

Sarpi has everything you need for a bit of relaxation, including a variety of places to stay near the seaside.

From Sarpi Beach you can see the minarets of a Turkish mosque and at various points throughout the day you can even hear the sound of the muezzin.

A border crossing between Georgia and Turkey is in the village. The customs building itself was designed by the German architect Jürgen Mayer.

Sights to See in Sarpi

If you want to discover Ajara’s wilderness, then you need to see Andrew the First-Called Waterfall.

This waterfall will also interest art lovers, because it is where the monument of St. Andrew the First-Called is. He was one of the Apostles of Jesus who went on spreading his word to the world - and eventually visited Georgia too.

To learn more about local culture and architecture you should visit the Laz Ethnographic Museum in Sarpi and also go see St. Andrew the First-Called Church, which is an excellent example of post-medieval Georgian architecture.

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