In Guria, the small, beautiful region of Georgia, there are many sea and mountain resorts. This area is rich in water resources, like rivers, lakes, natural and artificial reservoirs, mineral waters, and monuments of cultural heritage. Shubani is one of the villages of an earthly paradise, in the beautiful Supsa River valley in Chokhatauri Municipality.
Distance to the location by road from:
4:45 hr
1:55 hr
1:25 hr

What Will You See in Shubani?

In addition to the diverse landscape, there is also the 19th-century hall-type St. George Church, which was built between 1893 and 1895, on top of a raised hill in the village. The church is made up of well-hewn stones of various sizes and within it, there is a depiction of Saint George and an inscription in ancient Mkhedruli script on either side. You can easily see the ruins of the bell tower that was once to its side. 

The main wealth of the village is its inhabitants, who still to this day tenderly care for their unique Gurian varieties of grape vines, Gurian polyphonic singing, and the centuries-old tradition of making wine and preparing Gurian pies.

Shubani is a must-visit while traveling through Chokhatauri. It is one kilometer away from the village of Erketi, where you find a 9th-century convent with an extremely rare fresco of Pontius Pilate washing his hands on its southern wall. 

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