If your idea of the perfect vacation is relaxing in nature, foraging for mushrooms and berries in the forest, fishing on a lake, and hiking in the mountains, then Sioni is sure to be a great place to go for you.
Distance to the location by road from:
1:20 hr
6:20 hr
4:10 hr

What to see nearby Sioni?

Located nearby Tbilisi (45 kilometers away), Sioni is an area of wilderness that is the perfect combination of lake, mountain and forest. Here you can book an Instagram-worthy cottage in the mountains, or relax in a rustic guesthouse on the shore. 

Sioni Reservoir, also known as Sioni Lake, was created in 1963 to regulate the river waters. However, when the reservoir was created, a 5th-century basilica was in danger of being submerged and lost. To save the basilica, the entire structure was moved to the Tbilisi Ethnographic Museum.

Fishing enthusiasts will absolutely adore this lake. The Iori River feeds the reservoir, meaning many kinds of fish make their home in the lake, including multiple varieties of carp. 

While the lake is just above freezing in the winter, it will make for a refreshing swim in the hot summer months. The lake spans an impressive 12.8 km in area, and it has a depth of 67 meters at its deepest point. The climate in Sioni is rather humid. The winters are cold and snowy, while in summer the days are hot with pleasantly cool evenings.

So if you’re looking for the perfect escape from the bustle of Tbilisi where you can relax in nature, Sioni should be the first on your list! 

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