Tabatskuri Lake is one of the deepest lakes in Georgia and one of the most populated with fish.
Distance to the location by road from:
3:35 hr
6:35 hr
4:25 hr

Tabatskuri Village is located 60 kilometers away from Borjomi, on the shore of Tabatskuri Lake, 2,000 meters above sea level. The village was built on a peninsula that partially intruded on the lake.

The lake is 15.5 meters deep on average and gets as deep as 40 meters. It freezes during the winter and remains frozen until the end of March. Villagers walk on the frozen lake, but it is still dangerous, and you should not attempt it on your own.

There is a family-style hotel in the village, where you can enjoy natural village products such as potatoes and fish. The locals will offer a boat ride on the lake and a horse ride in the mountains. The lake is surrounded by the Ktsia-Tabatskuri forest, which has numerous hiking trails. Tent camping is an option, but be aware that Tabatskuri’s summers are cool. 

The lake and scenic landscape aren't the only attractions in Tabatskuri. The village also features several important historical sites. The 10th-century Red Church of Tabatskuri lies on the shores and has been granted Immovable Cultural Monument of National Significance status. The White Church of Tabatskuri stands in the center of the peninsula, an Armenian temple that was probably constructed in the 1870s.

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