The Ajarian village of Tkhilvana, a real treasure among the natural, historical and cultural monuments of Georgia, is located 118 kilometers away from Batumi and 30 kilometers from Khulo. The village, located at an altitude of 1440 meters above sea level, overlooks the Khikhani and Skhalti valleys and tells you about the past and present of Georgia.
Distance to the location by road from:
7:45 hr
2:50 hr
5:50 hr

Khikhani Fortress  

Khikhani Fortress was built in X-XI centuries. In order the defenders of the two valleys were inaccessible to the enemy, the local noblemen - Abuseridze - built it on top of the steep rock.

The name of Queen Tamar is also associated with the fortress. At the behest of the Georgian queen, a temple of St. George was built, where Tamar often went to pray. Because of this, Khikhani is also called Tamar's Fortress. 

Khikhani fortress had many underground tunnels. During the war, those who were fortified in the fortress were connected to the villages and thus replenished the necessary supplies. That is why, when the enemy conquered Tbilisi and Gori, the nobles took refuge in the fortress of Khikhani.

Ruins of the Church of John the Baptist 

The Church of John the Baptist is a monument with the status of cultural heritage. It was built at the turn of the 10th-11th centuries and is a three-church basilica type building. During archaeological excavations, a tympanum stone was found here, on which the blessing of the builders of the temple was engraved with a 7-line text in the Asomtavruli alphabet. 

Menhir of Tkhilvana

A menhir is a type of vertical column, a megalithic structure of simple construction. Its height can reach 20 meters. Archaeologists believe that menhirs are associated with burial customs. According to others, they were erected to mark a specific date or border.

The menhir of Tkhilvana dates back to the Iron Age and belongs to the 8th-7th centuries BC. This is a tall stone pillar, the purpose of which is still unknown.

Tkhilvana mountains and Shuamta lakes

Tkhilvana fields, summer pastures, are located near the Khikhani fortress. In summer, they create a beautiful patterned space. Shuamta lakes are also located here. Around them stand wooden houses of fishermen. Fog, a frequent visitor to this region, wraps everything around in a veil of mystery.

If you love picnics and camping, then you must visit these places. 


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