Tsikhisjvari is a historical fortress located in Tsikhisjvari Village, in southern Georgia. A combination of its pleasant year-round temperatures, fresh air, unspoiled wilderness, and mineral waters have made Tsikhisjvari a popular climatic resort for centuries.
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The Historical and Cultural Monuments of Tsikhisjvari

The village lies within Tori Cave, on the banks of the Shavitskali River. It is surrounded by not only the Gvirgvina and Tsikhisjvari Mountains, but also natural pine and mixed forests.

At the entrance to the city, its name is printed on the sign in three alphabets: Georgian, Latin, and Greek. Families of Greek immigrants settled here in the 1870s, erecting a new Greek Orthodox Church in the center of town in 1861 - 1875. The village and its church soon became a shining example of how the Greek and Georgian people can live side by side in harmony.

Along with the Greek Church, the village also preserves an architectural complex from the Middle Ages – Tsikhisjvari Fortress, including a ruined hall and a church. The name of the village comes from this fortress.

Modern-day Tsikhisjvari Village

These days, a getaway tourism industry has developed in Tsikhisjvari with many cottages being built in the area. The pleasant climate here is similar to that of nearby Bakuriani, and is very beneficial for the treatment of and protection against diseases of the respiratory organs, especially in children. There are also many mineral springs in and around the village, which are used for balneotherapy.

Summers are cool here – in August the average temperature is just +7 degrees Celsius. The winters are fairly mild and snowy – in January the average temperature is -8 degrees Celsius.

The town has been raising cattle for as long as anyone remembers, and has always been acclaimed for producing delicious dairy products. Tsikhisjvari potatoes and honey are also held in high regard.

Why is Tsikhisjvari a Great Place for Tourists?

Tsikhisjvari attracts tourists due to its immense natural beauty, a combination of primordial forests, subalpine meadows, and the crystal clear river that flows through it. Campers and picnickers will find plenty of places to relax here, and hikers can explore the paths to the Kakhisi, Tsero, and Dabadzveli lakes.

The Tsemi, Tsaghveri, Tba, Libani, and Bakuriani Resorts are located close to Tsikhisjvari. There are mountain trails that can take you to those resorts, but it is better to take an experienced guide from the village if you decide to make the hike.

For relaxation far from the noise of city life, Tsikhisjvari’s distinct rural charm is a godsend.

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