Usholta is a tiny, picturesque, hilly settlement in the Shkmeri community of the Racha region, in Oni municipality. The settlement is 23 kilometers from the city of Oni, situated 1,740 meters above sea level on the southern slope of the Racha Mountain Range.
Distance to the location by road from:
3:30 hr
4:45 hr
2:20 hr

What to see

This highland village has been populated and developed since ancient times despite its difficult terrain. Artifactual evidence from the Bronze Age such as the openwork buckle highlighted that this area was a significant center of metallurgy.

The Kheoristskali mountain river flows past the village, creating a stunning canyon, but then quickly disappears into the rock and rises again close to the Boqva settlement.

There is a unique karst cave a few kilometers from the settlement that has a tunnel network spanning more than 2 kilometers. Usholta is home to several caves, among them Queen Tamar's Cave, which has not yet been explored.

The village also boasts high-quality manganese ore deposits and a yellow sand quarry.

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