Vladimir Mayakovsky House Museum

Vladimir Mayakovsky House Museum

Vladimir Mayakovsky, a founder of the Futurism literary movement in the Russian literature, was born in the city of Baghdati in Imereti Region. A house museum dedicated to his eventful life can still be found there, just a short, thirty kilometre drive from Kutaisi.

Mayakovsky, whose family emigrated to Georgia at the end of the 19th century, was born in this 170-year-old wooden home, which was converted into a museum dedicated to his name in 1940. In order to contribute to the museum’s exhibits, Mayakovsky’s mother and sister traveled from Ukraine with additional objects from his life.

The museum has two halls: a memorial hall and an exhibition hall. The memorial hall is home to relics from the writer’s past, including his crib and the tools with which a young Vladimir Mayakovsky carved wood. A highlight of the museum is the writer’s drinking horn, with which he is said to have made his first toast.

You’ll also find items embroidered by the poet’s mother, as well as the preserved office of Mayakovsky’s father, complete with his desk, writing implements, and hunting rifle. His father also had a collection of unique pieces of wood taken from the forests of Baghdati, each of which is inscribed with Latin and preserved in the museum.

The museum’s first floor is dedicated to the exhibition hall, in which various exhibits displaying the region’s archaeological and ethnographic history of the Baghdati area are displayed.

For those with an appreciation of history, these are fascinating exhibits, well worth seeing.

The museum is located in Baghdati town, on Baghdati Street 51

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