Wine and Cheese Festival

Wine and Cheese Festival

Georgia is a great destination for wine and cheese lovers. If you want to taste a large variety of both, make sure you plan your trip for the late autumn!

What is at the Wine and Cheese Festival?

The Wine and Cheese Festival is held in the end of autumn, in the final days of October or the beginning of November. The festival is hosted in a different city every year and is two days long.

During the two days, well-known companies, farmers, and local producers who have just gotten into the business present their products. One of the main goals is to gain brand awareness and promote their product to the masses.

At the festival, understand how cheese and wine from the same region taste best when paired together. For example, Tushetian Guda cheese is traditionally best served with Rkatsiteli or Saperavi made in qvevri (large vessels used for fermentation, storage, and aging of traditional Georgian wine). The high volume of tannins in those wines neutralizes the salty taste and sharp aroma of the Guda cheese. 

Wines with high acidity from Shida Kartli and Kvemo Kartli Regions (especially Bolnisi) pair well with Meskhuri cheese; Sulguni and Imeruli cheeses pair well with light, dry wines such as Tsitska-Tsolikouri and Tsinandali. 

With all the varieties of wine and Georgian cheese to try, you’ll find your perfect combination.

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