Zakaria Paliashvili House Museum

Zakaria Paliashvili House Museum (Kutaisi)

The famous Georgian composer, director, teacher, and public figure Zakaria Paliashvili, after whom the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre is named, was born in Kutaisi in 1871. At 25 Varlamishvili, you can visit his house museum and learn more about his fascinating life.

What will you see in Zakaria Paliashvili House Museum?

So beloved was Paliashvili that the people of Kutaisi enthusiastically embraced the idea of converting his home into a museum. They generously donated many objects related to Zakari’s life to this house in the so-called French or Catholic Quarter. The museum opened in 1963 and now contains a variety of objects, including:

Zakaria’s cradle, the gold-trimmed fur coat that he wore to mass, documents about his baptism, and copy of hymns from the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, with his facsimile; Musical instruments belonging to the composer’s neighbors which the young Zakaria played; Zakaria’s physharmonica and his Becker piano, on which he played excerpts from his own works, parts of the libretto for Abesalom and Eteri with the composer’s own notes, and more. 

The sound of music can still be heard from Zakaria Paliashvili’s house in the evening, where the museum puts on concerts for music-lovers.

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