Zeda Vedi village and Lakumura Lake

Keen hikers should not miss the hike to the Zeda Vedi village and Lakumura Lake (Lakumurash Toba), which is one of the best routes in Georgia. A challenging hike, this is not for beginners. We recommend hiring an experienced guide.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Road to Lake Lakumura

The village of Zeda Vedi is located 88 km from Mestia, on the Egrisi ridge, at an altitude of 1360 meters above sea level. Lake Lakumura is on the same ridge, 2550 meters above sea level.

To get to the lake from Samegrelo, Tobavarchkhili lake or Khaish, you should begin by going up to Zeda Vedi village by off-road vehicle. Once you pass the village of Lower Vedi, turn right on the bridge and take the path leading to the lake.

The hiking trail starts at 1150 meters above sea level and goes up to 2550 meters. The length of the trail is 8 kilometers, and it leads to Lake Lakumura.

Route Difficulty

The main challenge is the almost impassably tall grasses, which are full of thorny bushes. Be prepared to climb steep hills, as this 10 km route involves a total ascent of 1530 meters. As well as walking along the banks of the river and on rocky terrain, you will find the most difficult section at the bottom of the lake, where you will need ropes to climb the steep rocky slope.

Nature and sights

On the way you will pass by a summer hut, waterfalls, lakes, and a cave before you catch sight of Lake Lakumura, nestled in the foothills of the mountains.

You can also camp by the lake, but do not forget to bring warm clothes, food, water and a tent.

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