Zestaponi Museum of Local Lore

It can often be difficult getting children to get interested in history even in such an old country as Georgia. Thankfully, Zestafoni, a city in the Imereti region, has managed to find a way to make its museum of local lore appealing to both adults and children. Through a mixture of games and demonstrations, Zestafoni Museum of Local Lore hopes to foster a love of history in children from the early age.

The Zestafoni Museum of Local Lore Project for Children

The project is called “My First Steps in the Museum”, and is aimed at introducing first-grade students from Zestafoni and nearby regions to the museum so that they can learn about antiquity through fun games and activities.

According to the developer of the project, this is the best way to get kids excited about and interested in the history of their own country.

What You Will See at the Zestafoni Museum of Local Lore

The museum, founded in 1968, is home to more than 8,500 objects, including materials from the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages; numismatic items (coins); ceramic works; items representative of daily life in the Middle Ages; works of fine art; written documents from the 19th century; and photographs. The Zestaponi Museum of Local Lore also contains many interesting materials discovered during archaeological excavations at the ancient Shorapani Fortress.

Of particular note is a 12th century chainmail shirt that bears the scars of many battles.

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