Zhamushi Church of the Savior

The Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region is a region in which you’ll discover a great many ancient architectural monuments that stand as testament to Georgia’s enduring history. In the village of Zhamushi, in the Mestia Municipality, you’ll find the 10th-11th century Zhamushi Church of the Savior, whose well-preserved frescoes make it a popular tourist attraction.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The Architecture of Zhamushi Church of the Savior

The hall-type church is inside a complex of tower houses and has an entrance from the south of an annex building on the western side. In the main hall there is also an entrance door to the south, with arched windows in three of the walls.

The Frescoes of Zhamushi Church of the Savior

The 13th-century paintings in the church have been preserved to this day, with frescoes depicting the full cycle of church holidays. There are a few relics still kept in the church, including a 10th-century metal icon of Saint George and 16th-17th-century icons with inscriptions in ancient Georgian Asomtavruli script on them. It has been established that one of them – the Icon of the Savior – was donated to the church by Giorgi II, the king of Imereti.

In 2006, Zhamushi Church of the Savior was granted the status of an Immovable Cultural Monument of National Significance.

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