Zipline in Chakvi (near Mtirala National Park)

Chakvi is located in Ajara, in the municipality of Kobuleti, 30 meters above sea level. This beautiful resort of Georgia is a place where the shores of the Black Sea and the mountain system of Ajara unite.

The Route

The starting point of the Chakvi zipline is at an altitude of 900 meters, from where a 220-meter cable is stretched. The ride lasts between 20-30 seconds.

Chakvi zipline is located next to the Mtirala National Park. You can drive up to the starting point by car any type of car.

The Opening Season

Thanks to the soft and humid climate of the region, the Chakvi zipline is open to the public throughout the year.

Safety Measurements

Chakvi Zipline has modern equipment and safety systems in place, with experienced instructors working on-site.

What is required to go ziplining in Chakvi?

To enjoy your zipline experience to the fullest, you should first be comfortable with heights. 

The minimum body weight is 30 kg, and the maximum is 130 kg.

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