Ziplining in the National Botanical Garden

While it is certainly possible to experience Tbilisi’s gorgeous National Botanical Garden on foot, why not see this local landmark from a bird’s eye view? The National Botanical Garden Zipline begins at the ancient fortress of Narikala, and sees you soaring over the city on your way to the gardens.

How Do You Get to the National Botanical Garden Zipline?

The carefully manicured landscape of the botanical garden, located in Tbilisi’s Old District, is the perfect place for a scenic zipline. 

The easiest way to get to Narikala Fortress is to take the cable car from Rike Park, which takes approximately three minutes. From there, you can walk to the zipline’s upper station in five minutes, where you’ll meet the instructors and, after a safety briefing, begin your high-flying descent.

What You Should Know about the National Botanical Garden Zipline

The total length of the zipline is 275 meters at a height of up to 30 meters.

First and foremost, one should not have a fear of heights if they are to enjoy the experience fully. 

As for the body weight requirements, one should weigh at least 30 kg and no more than 130 kg. 

Two people can use the zipline at the same time, and guests have their choice of two speeds: medium or fast. This allows you to tailor your experience to your own tastes, with something for adrenaline enthusiasts and children alike.

In the spring, summer, and autumn, you’ll often see people swooshing over tree tops, hands outstretched, and shouting for joy as they “fly” over the beautiful landscapes of the Tsavkisistskali River Valley, reaching the central area of the botanical gardens in just two minutes.

For those wanting to try the zip line again, a special electric car can take you back up to the station. For those wanting to explore the botanical gardens, there is a small mall here, including walking trails and a beautiful terrace.

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