3-Day Off-Road Tour in Guria

The route is not long and can be covered easily in a day, but it would be a pity to visit Guria’s resorts of Bakhmaro and Gomismta and not spend at least one night there. Therefore, it’s better to plan a three-day trip there.

Day 1: Ozurgeti-Bakhmaro

The tour starts from Ozurgeti, passes Nabeghlavi resort and climbs toward Bakhmaro, located at 1,950 m above sea level.

There are two exceptional places in Bakhmaro to watch the sunrise and sunset. The Sunrise mountain is called Gadrekili (2,505 meters), overlooking Bakhmaro from the east.

To the southwest of Bakhmaro is the Sakhasrili Ridge which includes the peak of Bakhmaro Mountain, known as the Sunset mountain or Chadrekili (2,250 m). From here, when the weather is clear, the sunset over the Black Sea is especially impressive.

You can spend the night in Bakhmaro in cottages.

Day 2: Bakhmaro-Meriakeli-Gomismta

From Bakhmaro, you travel in the direction of Meriakeli, passing Zotikeli (2,300 m), which is a summer village for herders, after which the road ascends to Chidila Pass (2,372 m), scaling the Serpantinitadi Pass and through Meriakeli on to Gomi Mountain.

On the way, you will see Chinchao Lake, which is located 2,500 m above sea level.

You can spend the night in Gomismta in cottages.

Day 3: Gomismta-Lanchkhuti

On the last day, you will descend from Gomismta in the direction of the town of Lanchkhuti.

Important Information

To travel on this route, you will need an SUV or similar type of vehicle, equipped appropriately.

The best season for taking this trip is from July to August.

Depending on the terrain, special tires might be needed.

It is imperative to keep a GPS device on.

In case of an emergency, dial 112.

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