4-Day SUV Tour: From Imereti to Upper & Lower Svaneti

This 4-day SUV tour will give you the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful regions of Georgia, to enjoy amazing views, and to make countless unforgettable memories.

Day 1: Kutaisi-Ushguli

The tour starts from Kutaisi and heads west towards the resort town of Tskaltubo all the way to Prometheus Cave. From there, you continue your journey in the direction of Lentekhi (Lower Svaneti) and eventually reach Tsageri (central Lechkhumi).

From Tsani, the last village in Lentekhi municipality, the ascent to the Zagari Pass (2,622 m above sea level) begins. The pass connects Upper and Lower Svaneti (open from June to October).

From the village of Tsani, one can admire a beautiful view of the Aylami glacier.

After crossing the pass, you can stop in the village of Ushguli (2,200 m above sea level) in Upper Svaneti. The village is included in a UNESCO World Heritage Site List. There, you will have the opportunity to visit Lamaria (once the winter residence of Queen Tamar).

A guesthouse in Ushguli will provide the ideal place for a night’s rest.

Day 2: Ushguli-Ughviri Pass-Mestia

From Ushguli, you can see Shkhara (5,203 m), located approximately 17-18 km away by car, but far closer (2.5 km) by foot. Then, you return to Ushguli and continue on the road to Mestia.

From the village of Ifari, you can climb up to the Ughviri Pass (2,000 m above sea level) and see the staggering peak of Ushba (4,700 m above sea level).

Afterwards, head towards Tetnuldi resort, with a dirt road taking you to an altitude of 3,000 meters. From here, there are simply unforgettable panoramic views of the Upper Svaneti glaciers.

After a long enchanting day, spend the night in Mestia at a hotel or guesthouse.

Day 3: Mestia

One full day should be spent exploring Mestia, where you can visit the local lore museum, as well as the house-museum of the Margiani family and the authentic Svan tower-house. You will pass Koruldi Lake, located on the Ushba Plateau and get close to the Chaalati glacier. To do so, park the car at the bottom of the Mestiachala River Valley and walk 3 km uphill.

From Mestia, you can head to the ski resort Hatsvali by cable car and ride all the way to the Zuruldi Ridge overlooking all of the Upper Svaneti glaciers from a height of 2,348 m. The cable car works all-year-round.

On the third night, it will also be necessary to stay over in Mestia.

Day 4: Mestia-Zugdidi-Kutaisi

The beautiful valleys of Bacho and Chuberi will be among the highlights on your way to Zugdidi, after departing from Mestia.

You will also pass the Enguri hydroelectric station, where you can see Enguri Arch Dam (274 m) and partake in various activities, including boating.

In Zugdidi, you should visit Dadiani Palace before returning to Kutaisi.

Useful Information

The best season to travel the route is from June to October.

You must travel by SUV or similar vehicle.

Depending on the terrain, special tires may be needed.

Keep the GPS navigation turned on.

In case of an emergency, dial 112.

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