4GB Electronic Music Festival

If you’re an avid electronic music lover who frequents clubs and festivals, the International Electronic Music Festival - 4GB should be right up your street.

What Does the Electronic Music Festival 4GB Have to Offer?

4GB is an annual music festival named after the initials of the pioneer of electronic music in Georgia, DJ Giorgi Bakanidze. Held for the first time in 2011, over the years, 4GB has grown to become one of the most outstanding and beloved musical events throughout the region. The festival is held annually in May, over the course of several days, and is hosted in an open space in Saguramo, near Tbilisi.

Every year, the headliner of the 4GB festival has been German artist Michael Mayer, while various, famous international stars have also performed such as Superpitcher, Radio Slave, Pachanga Boys, Footprints, Coma, DJ Koze, Matias Aguayo, Matthew Herbert, and Jeff Mills.

To cover the event, photographers and journalists from many foreign countries come to Georgia every year. Meanwhile, 4GB is attended by electronic music fanatics as well as those wanting to immerse themselves in positive energy, meet up with friends, and make unforgettable memories.

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