Abano Mineral Lake Natural Monument

Abano Mineral Lake Natural Monument

If you are interested in seeing a “boiling” lake, then you should visit Abano Mineral Lake in the Truso Valley of Kazbegi. Containing a high amount of carbon dioxide, its water is coming up from the Upper Jurassic carbonate layers, that's why it audibly “boils” as gas bubbles shoot up to its surface from far below.

A lake quite unlike one you’ll see anywhere else in Georgia, Abano Mineral Lake is like something out of primordial prehistory. 

The azure waters are regularly disrupted by bubbles and blasts of water from the high pressure that comes from the spring below the lake’s surface. 2.5 million litres of water flow out of the spring every day, even though the lake itself only covers an area of 0.04 hectares.

On windless days, carbon dioxide collects in the lower layers of the air around the lake, which can be a cause of death for small animals. We also wouldn't advise camping right next to the lake.

After hiking via Truso Valley to the lake, you can camp, or spend the night in nearby villages, where you will find several family-run guesthouses.

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