Algeti Mosque

Given Georgia’s location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Muslims are the second largest religious community in the country after Orthodox Christians.
Kvemo Kartli

History and Structure of Algeti Mosque 

The majority of the country’s Muslim population (182,216 people) live in Kvemo Kartli. The Muslim influence came to Georgia in different historical periods and from different places, principally from Iran and the Ottoman Empire. Part of the ethnically Azerbaijani community in Georgia is Shiite, part is Sunni.

In the village of Algeti in Marneuli municipality in Kvemo Kartli, the majority of the population are ethnic Azeris. In the center of the village, there is Imam Ali Mosque. Imam Ali, according to Shiite historical sources, was Muhammad's cousin, so he is considered the first Caliph and therefore the first Imam.

The exact date of construction of Imam Ali Mosque is unknown. During the Soviet period, when the government promoted atheism and confiscated religious property, it housed a club and a library.

Today the building has been renovated. The square-shaped mosque has an arched terrace from the southeast, which accommodates the ceremonial entrance. From the terrace you will enter the hall, where there is a library on one side. From here you can enter the prayer hall. The hall is on two levels, with the balcony used for women to pray.

Behind the building stands a 10-meter high minaret. The exterior of the mosque is covered with luxurious tuff stone and has a large courtyard.

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