Art Geni

Art Geni

Georgia is a country with an ancient culture and rich folklore, resplendent with polyphonic singing, unique dances, fascinating mythology and folk customs. All of these have developed over the centuries to reflect the ideas and beliefs of the Georgian people and their lives.

The preservation of the folklore treasures is a task that Georgians undertake diligently, passing it onto the next generation and sharing it with visitors from around the world.

Founded in 2004 by rock musician Zaza Korintelli, the Art-Gene Festival is Georgia’s most famous folklore festival that promises an immersive and exciting cultural adventure to all who attend.

Beginning each year in late June and lasting for almost a month, the Art-Gene Festival tours various regions across the country, putting on concerts with local folklore ensembles, as well as exhibitions of folk art. It ends its tour in Tbilisi, where there is a week’s worth of festivities on the territory of the Ethnographic Museum.

Here, you can walk through a miniature representation of the entire country of Georgia, including Kartli, Samegrelo, Ajara, Apkhazeti, Svaneti, Khevsureti, Kakheti, Meskheti, Javakheti, Guria, Imereti, Racha and Lechkhumi. You can also listen to performances highlighting the different vocal styles and traditional dances unique to each region, learn about traditional regional martial arts, purchase locally made handicrafts and jewellery, sample Georgian food, wine and beer and do it all while making friends with new people.

At night, each day of the festival is celebrating the regional peculiarities with a live concert.

Art-Gene is a grand ethnographic adventure shared with people from all over the world.

If you find yourself spending your summer in Tbilisi, make sure you don’t miss the chance to embark on a unique cultural journey.

Further information about the Art-Gene Festival and the associated concerts can be found on the Art-Gene website and on their Facebook page.

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