Catskiing - Snowmobile Touring at Goderdzi

Goderdzi Pass is one of the most alluring locations for catskiing enthusiasts because of its high-quality untracked snow. What catskiiers love most here is going up to the starting point, then sitting on their snowmobiles and catskiing all the way down. If catskiing is your thing, Georgia is a wonderland. Of course, it is crucial to be accompanied by a knowledgeable and licensed guide who is familiar with avalanche zones and who can choose the appropriate routes.
Goderdzi Resort

The Location of Goderdzi

Goderdzi Pass is located in Khulo municipality in the mountainous parts of Ajara region, at an altitude of 2,025 meters above sea level, 112 kilometers from Batumi.

The pass is primarily covered by coniferous forest. Here, a mountain-ski resort with state-of-the-art infrastructure opened in 2015, with a number of hotels, cafes, and restaurants.

With around 3-4 meters of snowfall during at least six months of the year, Goderdzi is becoming a favorite destination among skiing enthusiasts.

Catskiing Routes at Goderdzi 

Catskiing routes all start from the center of Goderdzi, while for skiing the northern slope is the most popular.

The highest point is 2,367 meters above sea level, with beautiful views overlooking Goderdzi Valley and much of the Caucasus.

Catskiing is available from December to April.

Things to Consider

Some parts of the road from Batumi to Goderdzi are in poor condition, so an off-road car is essential. 

An alternative way of reaching Goderdzi is through the Akhaltsikhe-Adigeni route. In this case, you need to drive up to Adigeni with an off-road car, from which a snowmobile can take you to the resort.

Snowmobile is widely deemed the best way to move around Goderdzi. 

If unable to bring all of your own gear, Goderdzi is well served with equipment rental services.  

In addition, there are several companies organizing catskiing tours in Goderdzi, although making a reservation in advance is advised.

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