Caving in Muradi Cave

The wild Muradi cave does not have the necessary infrastructure for tours, so plan your visit accompanied by a professional speleologist. 

Where is “Muradi Cave”?

Muradi Cave is on the forested border of Racha and Imereti Regions, near Tkibuli town.

Walk along the 2.3-kilometer access road and watch beautiful views unfold in front of your eyes.

What to see in Muradi Cave

The 800-meter horizontal cave is important for geomorphological studies and ecological studies of the area. In the cave, you will find the world’s rarest and most beautiful stalactites with unique round shapes. 

There are three wells of 32, 45, and 20 meters, respectively, where you can descend using a rope and explore with the help of an experienced speleologist.

Things to consider

Caving in Murad Cave is intermediate level and before starting the route, make sure to have all the required equipment, such as a helmet, a flashlight, rubber shoes (rain shoes), and a water supply. The average temperature of the cave is 6 degrees so make sure to wear warm, waterproof clothing.

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