Caving in Navenakhevi Cave

Navenakhevi Cave’s is completely adapted for tourists’ needs. Along with the internal infrastructure, the external facade is also well-arranged with parking, a visitors’ center, cafeteria, amphitheater, and some attractions for children.

Where is Navenakhevi Cave located?

Navenakhevi Cave is located in the village of Navenakhevi, in Terjola municipality, Imereti Region.

You can use any type of car to travel the paved road to the cave.

What Will You See at Navenakhevi Cave?

Thirty meters from the entrance, the cave divides into two, while the exit is obstructed by a 7-meter-thick stalagmite. The length of Navenakhevi Cave is about 210 meters.

The cave is well-equipped and includes four halls: the Hall of Georgian Speleologists, the Clay Hall, the Hall of Wonders, and the Golden Fleece Hall.

The beautifully-shaped stalagmites and stalactites here make for an incredible sight that’s impossible to forget.

The cave water contains calcium salt and the climate here is known to have a positive effect on people with asthma.

The average air temperature in the cave is 14 degrees.

Things to Consider

It is necessary to dress comfortably and bring drinking water with you.

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