Chkvaleri – Intsra Waterfall – Kuakantsalia – Kvira Mountain

The ​Tsalenjikha Municipality of the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region is famed for its outstanding natural beauty and abundance of cultural monuments. Here, itinerant hikers will see broad valleys, towering waterfalls, meadows of brightly-coloured wildflowers, and lakes that glitter like jewels.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

A popular way to experience all of this beauty is the 2-day hike from Chkvaleri to the peak of Kvira Mountain. By following this trail, you will have a chance to visit Instra Waterfall and the unusual natural sight – Kuakantsalia Swinging Rock, set your foot on top of Mt. Kvira (2038 m) and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of mountainous Samegrelo.

The Hiking Route: First Day

This popular hike starts in the village of Chkvaleri, follows the dirt road in the beginning and then goes through a forested valley, with plenty of signage to ensure you don’t get lost. After covering about 3km, you will reach the junction, with one fork taking you to Kvira Mountain and one taking you to the waterfall.

Let's choose the right fork first and pass a few hundred metres through the woods to arrive at the 26-meter-high Intsra Waterfall, the exceptionally beautiful sight as its waters plummet between boxwood groves and moss-covered vertical rocks. 

The section of the path is easy to walk until the final one hundred metres when a steep slope with large boulders to clamber over acts as the last barrier between you and your destination.

Once you’re done taking in the natural splendour, take the path back to the intersection and now go left toward Kvira Mountain. From this point, the trail gradually starts to gain altitude and becomes moderately difficult to hike. After covering around eight kilometres, you will arrive at the Kvira camping place, located near the shepherd’s huts.

The Hiking Route: Second Day

On the second day of the hike, the trail continues to ascend Kvira Mountain and on the way passes another shepherd's hut, in the proximity of which you can find a water source in 5 meters depth karst cave, which can be reached with a mounted iron staircase. Keep in mind that after this sight, there are no other water sources along the trail.

Once you’ve replenished your water supplies, you’ll follow the steep slope up to the swinging rock called - Kuakantsalia, which sits on the verge of the treeless subalpine zone. The rock weighs ten to twelve tonnes and will start moving and making mysterious sounds as you push it.

Soon after, you will reach the peak of Kvira Mountain at the height of 2,038 meters above sea level. From the summit, you’re afforded an amazing view of the landscapes of mountainous Samegrelo.

Once you’ve soaked in the view and taken photos, you can return to Chkvaleri, on the same day, using the same path.

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