Have you heard of Grakliani Hill? It is a place where multiple ancient settlements were discovered, showing an unbroken line of settlement stretching back at least 300,000 years. Located nearby Kaspi town in Shida Kartli, this fascinating archaeological site is the oldest settlement in the region.
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The History of Kaspi

Archaeological evidence tells us that this area has been settled since the Stone Age. Its strategic location led to Kaspi becoming a fortified town with its own military commander. By the 5th century, it held a special place in the country as an educational center.

In the 8th century, an invasion completely razed the town of Kaspi, but this was not the only time the city was devastated and rebuilt. Indeed, Kaspi was even involved in the 2008 Russo-Georgian War, where Russian occupiers held the entrances to the town for almost a month.

What is There to See in Kaspi Municipality?

For those interested in history, Kaspi Municipality has plenty to offer. A walk through the Kaspi Local Lore Museum will show you more than 20,000 objects, covering a range from the Bronze Age through until the Middle Ages.

The feudal basilica churches and fortress-towers of Kaspi and its surrounds present a living museum, with notable examples being the Rkoni and Kldegmaghali Fortresses, the Theodore Tironi Church, the Kvatakhevi and Rkoni Monasteries, and the Samtavisi and Vakhtang Gorgasali Cathedrals.

You’ll also find ancient tombs from the Bronze Age and early Iron Age carved into the cliffs surrounding the city.

Of course, climbing up Grakliani Hill to see the as-yet undeciphered script carved into an altar that dates back to the 7th-century BCE is also a must. To think that humankind has called this place home for at least 2,700 years is humbling.

Nature in Kaspi Municipality 

In addition to its historical significance, Kaspi is also home to the natural beauty that is common across Georgia. There are both deciduous and evergreen forests, towering waterfalls, and idyllic pastoral fields for both hiking and picnicking, as well as quaint villages such as Khovle, Garikula, and Gostibe to explore.

Kaspi Municipality is 56 kilometers from Tbilisi, making it an ideal day trip.

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