Lanchkhuti Municipality, located in the Guria region of western Georgia and comprising fifteen villages, is distinguished for its ancient cultural sites and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.
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The Outstanding Beauty of Lanchkhuti Municipality’s Nature

Lanchkhuti Municipality has an eye-catching location. On one side is a border with tree-covered villages spread over the mountains, on the other is the Black Sea shore, where the magnetic beach resorts Ureki, Shekvetili and Grigoleti are located.

Lanchkhuti is indeed blessed with an abundance of beautiful sights.

Part of one of Georgia’s largest lakes, Paliastomi, can be found within the region, along with the Imnati, Japana, and Grigoleti Lakes. For hikers and fishermen, these lakes and their surroundings are especially attractive destinations.

The largest river in the region is the Supsa, where you can go boating, fishing, and swimming. Almost every village in the region has its own small waterfall. For example, Sakvikhia Waterfall is located in the beautiful Atsaura River Valley along with Sakvikhia Canyon.

A part of Kolkheti National Park, which has been inscribed on the UNESCO List of Natural World Heritage, is also located in Lanchkhuti. 

The Historical Past of Lanchkhuti Municipality

There are many churches and archaeological monuments in the area that will demonstrate the history of this region. 

Some archaeological evidence can be seen in the local lore museum, where you’ll find an impressive collection of archaeological, numismatic, ethnographic, historical, and pictorial objects.

Shukhuti Village preserves the ancient game of Lelo, the ancestor of rugby, which is played once a year, on Easter.

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