In the Middle Ages, Ozurgeti was an extraordinarily and culturally developed region complete with churches and fortresses. By the late feudal period, Ozurgeti had already become an attractive commercial and administrative center of Guria. However, Ozurgeti’s history stretches back much farther than that, with evidence of settlements stretching as far back as the Bronze Age. Contemporary accounts of the city begin to turn up in historical documents from the 16th century onwards.
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What is There to See in the City?

As you can probably imagine, Ozurgeti’s main appeal is its history. You can learn much about this in the historical museum, which was opened in 1936 and now contains more than 6,000 objects stretching from the 9th century BCE to today.

For a more contemporary view of Ozurgeti, the Ozurgeti Fine Art Centre showcases the works from many famous Georgian artists. You should also pay a visit to the Ozurgeti Drama Theatre, a building of cultural heritage status that locals are quite proud of.

And, of course, there are myriad beautiful churches such as Shemokmedi, Jumati, Achi, and Likhauri, as well as the fortresses of Likhauri and Askani. There is also the impressive Vashnari settlement for students of history to marvel at.

Interesting Routes Near Ozurgeti

Outside Ozurgeti, you will find two popular mountain resorts: Gomismta (30 kilometres away) and Bakhmaro (72 kilometres away). Both of these Gurian resorts are famed for their healing air and fantastic panoramas.

If you fancy some time on the beach, it is just twenty kilometres to both Ureki and Shekvetili beach, where you can take a dip in the Black Sea and be restored by its waters.


No place in Georgia can be visited without experiencing its flavours, and here you’ll find amazing lobio, pkhaleuli, and Gurian ghvezeli - a crescent moon shaped pie that goes very well with the locally grown and brewed tea. Indeed, Gurian black tea, rolled black tea, and green tea are a real treat, with Guria having been Georgia’s premier producer of tea for more than two centuries now.

If wine is more your speed, the local Chkhaveri, Sakmiela, Jani, Skhilatubani and Tsolikouri go particularly well with the pkhaleuli.

Lovers of fruits and nuts will also find plenty to enjoy here, as mandarins, oranges, lemons, and a variety of local nut varieties grow freely on the trees here. The Gurian nut varieties, Shvelisqura and Gulshishvela, are not only delicious, but also so resistant to disease that they need no additional treatment to meet international standards.

Whether history, delicious food, aromatic tea, or some fun in the sun, Ozurgeti has you covered!

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