Musicians' Park

Musicians' Park in Guria, Shekvetili

Musicians' Park has been operating in the adjacent territory of the Black Sea Arena since 2016. There are perennial plants of a unique variety, beautiful paths, rest areas and three open stages on 21 hectares of planted park. There is a square in the park area with monuments of both Georgian and foreign musicians - and the music performed by these artists is constantly heard in the adjacent territory of the monuments.

In the summer of 2021, the Musicians’ Park will offer various cognitive and entertainment projects to holidaymakers that will make the experience of spending time in the park even more memorable. Open-air film screenings will be held periodically in the park area and a space will be arranged for crafting. Adventure games will be organized and caricature artists will entertain children, which will help us to create a unified eco-friendly space.

Musicians' Park

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