Gandagana Rural Tourism Festival

Gandagana Rural Tourism Festival

For two days in September or October, the wonderful aroma of Gandagana in the center of Batumi fills the air. People from different municipalities of Ajara Region bring and sell ecological products, homemade dishes, and regional products.

What does the annual rural tourism festival "Gandagana" offer?

The "Gandagana" rural tourism festival was founded in 2015 by the initiative of the government of Ajara.

The famous fair is specially decorated and held in the city center. Each stall is complemented by a variety of autumn colors, traditional clothes, and decorations.

The pavilions are divided into zones, where you can explore the corners of dairy products, wines, fruits, vegetables, sweets, Ajarian dishes, and handmade items.

Choose the desired souvenir and taste the dishes and wine that you haven’t tried yet. If you have the time, participate in a culinary master class.

One of the main parts of Gandagana is the concerts held by folk and modern music ensembles.  “Gandagana” is a word from folklore and the name of a famous Ajarian dance. Dance groups perform at the festival so make sure to catch a show.

Participate in fun contests and competitions while traveling throughout Ajara without leaving Batumi.

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