Why You Should Come to Georgia in Autumn

Why You Should Come to Georgia in Autumn

Traveling in autumn is full of surprises. During this season, pack a bag, get your hands on some warmer clothes, and head to the Caucasus Mountain range in Georgia. Fully experience the golden autumn, with all its charm, essence, and aroma. In autumn, the mountain peaks are crowned in white, the forests are patterned with a variety of colors, the lakes are a brilliant blue, and the smell of ripe grapes and fruits wafts through the air.
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Tbilisi in the Autumn 

თბილისი შემოდგომაზე

Poets says that autumn is first felt on the main avenue of Tbilisi, Rustaveli, when the wind lays the plane-tree leaves under your feet. Take a romantic adventure through the cozy districts of Tbilisi and bring you to centuries-old or modern architectural examples, as though you were at an open-air exhibition. This is easy to do, due to the gentle climate and warm autumns. 

Walk through the yards of Old Tbilisi, looking at the flowers in pots hanging from balconies, gates with Georgian ornamentation, houses raised on the shoulders of Atlas or other mythical figures, and the unique spiral staircases. Open the doors to the entrance halls where walls painted with real artistic masterpieces await you. 

You can continue your caprice through the rays of the autumn sun in Leghvtakhevi or the Botanical Garden. There are thousands of trees of various species and numerous comfortable places where you can sit for a bit and have a pleasant conversation with your guide. Climb up to Metekhi Cliff and Narikala Fortress, look out over the city, and see how the ancient historical monuments of the city create harmony with nature. Go see Turtle and Lisi Lakes, nestled in the mountains, where the diversity of autumn is reflected in a mirror. 

Go birdwatching in Tbilisi. Ornithologists have confirmed that many birds nest in the parks of the capital and on Mtatsminda. You may see, for example, Syrian woodpeckers and Kruper’s nuthatches, while kestrels make their nests atop the roofs of multi-storied houses, and you may even catch sight of a sparrow-hawk. Sakhalvasho in Ajara and the Chorokhi Delta, where you can see many endemic and migratory birds, also await birdwatchers. 

Tbilisoba and Other Festivals 

Georgia is the country of wine so don’t be surprised if, during the sunny days of autumn, you find yourself at wine festivals in Mtatsminda Park, Deda Ena Park, Europe Square, or the golden Vera Park. Taste wine from various varieties of grapes, made in the European or traditional Georgian style. Drink some chacha, whose fiery taste you will never forget.

Georgia is the ancient homeland of cheese too, with 60 officially registered types of cheese, so don’t miss out on the cheese festival either. Guda cheese, fresh Imeretian cheese, Megrelian sulguni, Meskhetian braided cheese, Svan narchvi, dambalkhacho, and many more delicacies await you at the counter. Make sure to pair the cheese with Georgian shoti bread.

If you find yourself in Tbilisi in October, participate in Tbilisoba. This festival celebrates not just the capital, but all of Georgia. Georgian products are sold all over the city at pop-up stalls, however, the main festival happens at Europe Square. 

Meet farmers coming from every region of Georgia, see unique and diverse foods of Georgian cuisine, smell the smoke coming off of mtsvadi grilled on grape twigs and the scent of wine wafting up from open jugs. The bounty of autumn will spread throughout the stalls, including churchkhela and janjukha, pelamushi and tatara, dried fruits, tklapi, pickles, cheese, meat, and more. Traditional handmade items are on display, and you will hear Georgian songs and see beautiful Georgian dances performed. 

The Golden Autumn in the Regions of Georgia

To feel the essence of the golden autumn travel to every region of Georgia. The diverse landscape promises a new experience in each region.

On the Shores of the Black Sea 

In September and October, there are still many sunny days so enjoy the seaside in the autumn. The “velvet season” in Georgia is luscious. Our seaside resorts are full of life in the autumn, like in the hot days of summer. Batumi is especially active at this time, since its city festival, Batumoba, is celebrated then, along with international festivals where many people gather in the seaside city. 

National Parks

The national parks of Lagodekhi, Vashlovani, Borjomi-Kharagauli, Tusheti, Kobuleti, Sataplia, and Kintrishi, Artsivi Valley, Kinchkha Waterfall, Okatse Canyon, are some of the 100 state reserves, national parks, natural monuments, strict preserves, and protected landscapes. 

Sabaduri Forest, which is on the list of the world’s most beautiful forests, is draped in natural colors during autumn.

Each of them promises an unforgettable adventure while traveling on foot, on horseback, or by bike. The fields of autumn, brilliant with flowers, the massive trees colored in shades of red and yellow, the large and small rivers, streams, and waterfalls… Do you think you can see it all? 


შემოდგომა საქართველოში

The golden autumn, reflected in Bateti, Shaori, Paravani, Tabatskuri, Abudelauri, Madatapa, and many more lakes, along with Zhinvali, Sioni, and other reservoirs is an unforgettable sight. If this doesn’t convince you that autumn, especially in Georgia, is one of the best seasons of the year, then nothing will. 

Abundant Autumn

Due to the diverse landscape and the fertile soil, the smell of seasonal fruits is always in the air in every region of Georgia in autumn. See the oranges, yellow lemons, and mandarins popping up among the evergreen leaves. It is beautiful to see the branches of the trees in Kartli bowed down to the point of breaking with apples, pears, quince, and bright red pomegranates.

Check out the haystacks set up in rows in the meadows along the roads of Georgia. Observe the corn cobs hung off of balconies, see the people bustling in the harvest, and know that a great experience awaits you, the harvest celebration, Rtveli, is upon us. 

Georgia is the homeland of wine and out of some thousand varieties of grapes in the world, 525 of them are endemic to Georgia. Each region, and often each village, has its outstanding grape variety, and therefore also has its tradition of gathering, pressing, and aging wine. However, the rtveli is most often associated with Kakheti, so, make sure to visit Kakheti in autumn.

The friendly Kakhetians will let you pick Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Mtsvane, and many other grape varieties by hand and allow you to crush them in a press. Then the grape juice will flow to the fermentation vessels - qvevris or others, and the magic of winemaking is going to start. Then, tired from their labor, they will all sit together at a Kakhetian feast to the accompaniment of the song, mravalzhamieri. 

If you approach this business with proper Kakhetian dignity, then you can attend the dipping of the exotic Georgian dessert, churchkhela. Not just attend, when they mix well-boiled grape juice with flour and make the delicious tatara, your host will hand you the already-prepared string of walnuts with a smile and allow you to dip the churchkhela yourself, a taste and smell that you won’t forget. Perhaps, the smell of Georgia will follow you into autumn for the rest of your life.

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