Goruli Mtsvane

Goruli Mtsvane

Goruli Mtsvane is recognized as the number one wine of Kartli, an area that was in ancient Iberia. This was not established by historical researchers but was concluded based on old sources and the evaluations of specialists. The grapes of this variety are mainly grown in the Gori Municipality and the local (Goruli) Mtsvane is characterized by having exceptional flavours.

Geographical Spread and Diversity

For a small country of 69,700 km2, Georgia is much more diverse in its culture and customs than you may think. This grape variety has spread to comparatively small areas in other regions too, where it has other names. In Zemo Imereti it’s called Kvishkhuri, in Shida Kartli it’s called Suramula, and in Racha it’s called Tbiluri. 

A bunch of Goruli Mtsvane has a fairly long and conic shape, like an upturned pyramid. The fruit looks so nutritious that when they ripen, you’ll want to press them into a kvevri, the ancient Georgian way of grape pressing. 

When the grapes start to ripen, they take on a yellowish-greenish shade. Once they collect enough sugar, a sacred ritual, rtveli (harvest) begins!

Goruli Mtsvane in Your Glass

The dry, white, straw-colored wine of Goruli Mtsvane is very joyful and has pleasant acidity. Sommeliers say that the wine is characterized by an aroma of mangoes, white currants, wildflowers, and green spices. 

The high acidity helps Goruli Mtsvane develop in the bottle, so if you take some home, you can give it some time to age. However, make sure that the storage conditions are decent - a cool, dark place would be great for this and any other wine. Travel to Georgia if you want to experience the aroma of wine

Goruli Mtsvane and Food

Wine experts recommend having Goruli Mtsvane with vegetable salads, fish, and seafood. The wine pairs well with seasonal fruits, including peaches and apples. 

It also pairs well with the local traditional dishes, such as khachapuri, and meat dishes, like mokharshuli and mtsvadi. 

Come to Gori, try Goruli Mtsvane, and enjoy! Don’t forget to send a couple of bottles to your friends so they can relish in its uniqueness.

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