Iazoni Cave Natural Monument Near Kutaisi

According to the tale of Colchian Medea and the Argonauts, the dragon who guarded a golden fleece lived in the Iazoni (Jason) cave. Jason, the infamous Greek leader of the Argonauts, came to Colchis to steal the magical fleece from Aeëtes, the king of Colchis.

Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite did a great service to Jason, by persuading Eros to shoot his love arrow at Medea. 

Medea, the princess of Colchis, fell deeply in love with Jason and helped him succeed in his quest even though she was betraying her family. She gave him everything, including “Prometheus’ medicine,” made from plants that had sprouted from Prometheus’ blood, and even sang a song to put the dragon to sleep. Jason took the golden fleece and then fled to Iolcus with Medea.

Based on this legend, this natural wonder near the Tskaltsitela Canyon was named Iazoni, or Jason.

It is a spectacular 40-meter-long cave with a towering dome-shaped entrance, and small stalactites and stalagmites. It becomes as small as 2.5 meters wide and only 0.5 meters tall in some parts and the bottom of the cave is blocked off by slimy debris.

Artifacts such as animal bones and flint tools prove the fact that Paleolithic people lived here.

Please note that for the trip to the cave, you must be accompanied by a certified guide and have special equipment. If you didn’t have proper training, participating in this speleological tour can be difficult and unsafe for you.


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