Is Georgia a Safe Country?

Is Georgia a Safe Country?

When we decide to take our next vacation, we want excitement, beauty, and fun. At the same time, we want a destination where we can spend time peacefully and safely. Georgia lies at the intersection between Europe and Asia and is distinguished for its diversity, unique nature, historical monuments, culture, rich cuisine, and amazing hospitality. It is renowned as a safe destination for all kinds of travelers.
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Georgia on the List of Top Ten Safest Countries

In January 2022, Usebounce published a list of the safest countries for solo travelers, and Georgia ranked thirteenth in conjunction with Italy. 

According to to See.place, a popular travelers website, Georgia is one the top ten safest countries in the world due to its low crime rate, after Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Malta, and Luxembourg. 

The Crime Rate in Numbers

20% of Georgia is occupied by Russia, and in two regions, Abkhazeti and Samachablo, Georgian jurisdiction is not currently in effect. This statistic may be what gives people the impression that traveling in our country might be dangerous.

However, a variety of reforms have come into effect in Georgia in recent years that have increased the development of this European-style country, making living and traveling here safe.

According to Numbeo’s research carried out in the first half of 2020 by comparing 133 countries in the world safety and crime rates, Georgia came in 4th in the world and 1st in Europe. 

The national yearly statistics of the country prove that crimes like theft, robbery, murder, terrorism, human trafficking, and so on have significantly decreased, while the rate of crimes solved has increased. 

The Police

In populated areas or on highways, you’ll encounter the Georgian police force. These peacekeepers, who have undergone intensive training, can help with any problem, even one as simple as directions. The Georgian police force has a high confidence rating among the populace. 

112 is the number for safety assistance. If you witness a crime, road or public accident, domestic violence, crisis, or experience an unexpected health issue, call 112 for free from any telephone network, landline, or mobile, after which the Public Safety Command Center will respond operationally to any information 24/7. 

While you are in Georgia, download the 112 mobile app, and press “allow my location”, then if needed, you can call officers quickly.

Safety on the Roads

The majority of Georgia’s territory is equipped with video cameras, which are connected to a unified video surveillance system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Your journey’s safety is guaranteed by 5,439 cameras, of which 1,849 are license plate recognition cameras, and 3,590 are general view cameras, working in tandem. Road warning signs are set up before video cameras to inform drivers in advance of surveillance. 

Video cameras have been set up in the centers of the capital and other cities, in well-developed tourist areas, in hotels, near historical monuments, near caves, and along the paths in national parks.

Red Button on Transport, Police in the Subway

Complete comfort has been set up for every traveler, especially on public transport. There are many police officers in the Tbilisi subway and your safety is no less protected on the buses, which are equipped with video cameras and a red safety button.

The Guide - Your Journey’s Friend

The institution of the guide has been fully refined in Georgia, keeping up with the development of tourism. The certified guides do not just tell you about the diverse history and culture of our country but are also responsible for your safety. They will teach you how to hike peacefully over the mountainous landscapes, how to go see the fortress towers usually raised atop cliffs, how to take a trip through a cave, and how to safely enjoy the beautiful forests, lakes, and waterfalls. 

The guide companions for extreme adventure lovers are a separate category. The well-trained alpine groups take responsibility for your safety when climbing up Kazbegi (Mkinvartsveri), Ushba, Tetnuldi, and other peaks. 

Rafting enthusiasts will find rafting specialists who are well-trained with special safety equipment.

Extreme sports are often accompanied by accidents, a number that has significantly decreased in recent years.

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard reform is one of the Ministry of Internal Affairs' most successful reforms. The Black Sea resorts of Georgia stand out for their safe beaches and the 310 kilometers of the coastline are defended by more than 320 coastguards. During the 2022 season alone, they managed to save the lives of more than 100 people. 

The Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid pandemic has made it more essential to think about safety while traveling in recent years. 

In 2020, the European Council selected the following countries that would be on the safe countries list: Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay.

Nowadays the risks of Covid-19 have significantly decreased throughout the world, and, rest assured Georgia has ensured the health and safety of all its visitors.


Georgian hospitality is a superior tradition from ancient times. It is said that among us, “a guest is from God”.

Every guest in Georgia, no matter nationality or religion, is seen as sent by God, so don’t be surprised in you are invited to a stranger’s house, where they will give you a supra and bless your journey with noble Georgian wine.

Visitors won’t feel like tourists here, even if it’s your first time visiting. In addition to all her other charms, the pleasant environment makes everyone fall in love with our country and sends them home with a desire to return.


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