Isunderi Fortress – Medieval Ruins

The ruins of the Isunderi fortress were built in the Middle Ages on a cape in the middle of the Tskhenistskali river’s gorge. It is a wondrous site to visit for the simple fact that it is inaccessible.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

It is protected from one side by the river, and from the other side by loose rocks. The third side of the fortress was covered by a wall built on terraced platforms. A triangular ledge of the cliff forms a wall that follows the terrain.

In the east, you notice the remains of the round tower, where once was a water reservoir at its base. The grayish-yellow stones, with which the fortress is built, are rough-hewn stones of the rock. The different arrangement of the walls indicates that once upon a time the fortress was thoroughly repaired.

A bronze three-handle vessel and two bracelets found on the bank of the river near the fortress are now kept in the Museum of Local History in Tsageri.

The Isunderi fortress is located in Lechkhumi, 20 kilometers from Tsageri, in Isunderi village on the right side of the Tskhenistskali river. It was first mentioned in historical sources of the XVII century.


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