Shrouded in secrets, Khvamli Mountain holds a special place in Greek mythology, for it was here that Prometheus was chained at the order of Zeus, his punishment for sharing the secret of fire with humanity. There are many legends surrounding Khvamli and nearby Tsageri, whose history starts before the birth of Christ.
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The History of Tsageri

Archaeological evidence shows that this area has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Moreover, Tsageri was a major centre of metallurgy during the Bronze and Iron Ages, with an entire hoard of 10th - 9th century BCE bronze items having been unearthed here.

Since Antiquity, Tsageri has been the main political, economic, and cultural center of Lechkhumi. The residence of the rulers of the region and their family fortress were located here. 

Noble families took shelter in Tsageri when persecuted by their enemies. It was also used as the royal treasury, since it was a difficult-to-reach location.

What Is There to See in Tsageri?

Naturally, Tsageri, with its long history, is full of historical monuments. Visitors will want to visit the Muri and Orbeliani Fortresses, the Goni and Tskheti St. George Churches, the Gveso Village Basilica, and many other monuments that dot the region.

History buffs will also want to visit the Tsageri Historical Museum, where artifacts from the early Bronze Age to the Middle Ages, including bronze figures, weapons, agricultural tools, coins, and many other items are displayed.

Those interested in Georgian history and culture will also want to pay a visit to the house-museum of the Georgian poet, Lado Asatiani, as well as the Tsageri Green Theatre.

The Resorts of Tsageri

Tsageri is 475 meters above sea level, and its resorts, Lashichala and Akhalchala, have balneological significance. The local mineral waters are used both for bathing and for drinking.

The Nature in Tsageri

Tsageri is surrounded by natural beauty, including mountain ranges, caves, and deeply cut, narrow valleys.

It goes without saying that towering Khvamli Mountain is a must-see. There is also Tsageri’s highest point, Tsekuri Mountain, at 3,173 metres high, Askhi Massif at 2,000 - 2,100 metres high and its stunning views, the Sairme Pillars, the Kulbaki Lakes, the Rachkha and Chkumi Waterfalls, and more.

You will have to travel 318 kilometres from Tbilisi, or 70 kilometers from Kutaisi to share in the beauty of Tsageri.


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