Kabeni Waterfall

Kabeni Waterfall

If you want to see centuries-old historical monuments and unbelievably beautiful nature in the vicinity of Tbilisi, look no further than Kojori district.

What is There to See in Kojori?

Kojori is 18 km from Tbilisi, and it is easy to get there by public transport. From the town center, you start the route Kojori - Kabeni Monastery - Kabeni Waterfall route, extending 11 kilometers. The trail is easy to hike, but is not marked.

On the way, you will come across Kojori (Azeula) Fortress, dating back to the 9th century, which is built on top of a high mountain of volcanic origin. The castle is located 2 km to the west of Kojori town center. According to legend, Queen Tamar passed away in this castle.

Tbilisi and its surroundings as well as Manglisi town and Kumisi Lake can all be seen from the castle.

From here, the path to Kabeni Monastery goes partly through a forest. One of the remaining parts of the monastery is also connected to the era of Queen Tamar. 

In the vicinity of the monastery, you will see three beautiful waterfalls. In the heat of summer, you can cool off here. Note that you might go to Kojori by public transport, and Kojori Fortress is a 1.5-km walk from the center.

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