Kojori Fortress

Kojori Fortress

According to legend, it was in Kojori Fortress that the great Georgian Queen, Tamar, passed away. This fortress, also called Koroghli Fortress, is located just eighteen kilometres from Tbilisi, near the beautiful climatic resort of Kojori.

The History and Structure of Kojori Fortress

Kojori Fortress was built atop Azeuli Mountain, at a height of 1,250 metres above sea level. According to historians, the fortress was constructed sometime during the 11th century. Built in multiple layers atop the cliffs, this fortress once protected the caravan road connecting Tbilisi to Armenia, and was of immense strategic importance during the Middle Ages.

Korjoli Fortress was built of crushed stone and brick, and was plastered with thick mortar. Today, only the ruins of the walls and two of its towers remain, but these ruins speak to numerous battles and sieges over the centuries. The ruins afford visitors a beautiful view of Kartli’s wide-open spaces.

The last battle to take place at Kojori Fortress took place in 1921, when the 11th Army of the Russian Red Army faced Georgian cadets. A memorial in honour of these fallen cadets stands there today.

In addition to its historical value, Kojori is also a spectacular place for relaxing in nature, having a picnic, and doing a little light hiking in the nearby forest. This region, once the summer residence of kings, is today open to the public to enjoy.

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