Kazbegi National Park

Kazbegi National Park

Kazbegi National Park has its lowest point at 1,400 meters above sea level on the northern slopes of the Caucasus Mountain range, in the basin of the Tergi River.

35% of the national park is covered with forest, containing 1,347 species of plants, 26% of which are endemic. The remaining area is alpine meadows, snowy peaks, and inaccessible cliffs, which serve as shelter for numerous rare species of animals and birds.

The Places You Absolutely Must See in Kazbegi National Park

  • Truso Valley, with its fortress-complex and abandoned villages where some of which still have functioning monasteries. The valley is rich in mineral waters, that create beautiful travertines and Abano Mineral Lake;

  • Dariali Valley;

  • Gveleti Waterfalls;

  • Khada Valley, which is located on the northern border of Georgia. The path in the valley passes at the foot of the Shavana Ridge, between towering peaks, the height of which exceeds 4,000 meters.

  • Sno Valley and the village of Juta;

  • Chiukhi Massif, which is the favorite place for hikers, alpinists, rock climbers and winter sports enthusiasts;

  • The most magnificent and famous site of Kazbegi National Park is Mount Kazbegi, the view of which is unimaginable without Gergeti Trinity Church.

After amazing tours around the Kazbegi National Park, rest at high-class hotels or comfortable guest houses that can be found on the territory of the park.

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