Ketrisi Mineral Vaucluse

Keterisi Mineral Vaucluse

Within the protected landscape area of Truso Valley, in Kazbegi Municipality, you’ll find powerful mineral springs flowing out from the ground layers dating back to the Upper Jurassic Period. Hydrogeologists have named these natural mineral springs Narzan Vaucluse, and they produce a massive 300 to 350 litres of water per second, exceeding 25 to 30 million litres per day!

What is Ketrisi  Mineral Vaucluse?

The Ketrisi (Keterisi) Mineral Vaucluse is known as Narzan Vaucluse due to the waters produced being of the Narzan type of calcium bicarbonate waters.

The river, which flows through the village of Ketrisi gets its source here, with a row of mills set up over the mineral water.

Ketrisi Mineral Vaucluse has been declared a natural monument. It is quite easy to visit - only 32 kilometres separate it from the popular tourist destination, Stepantsminda.

In the Truso Valley, 2.8 kilometres away from Ketrisi Village, located at 2300 meters above sea level, is another natural monument and popular sight - Abano Mineral Lake, which is also created by a carbon dioxide mineral spring. The spring has a colossal outflow of 2.5 million liters per day.

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