Kharagauli Historical Museum

Kharagauli Historical Museum

Kharagauli is one of the oldest places in the world, with a history that dates back to the upper Paleolithic Era. As such, it has played an important part in every stage of Georgia’s long and fascinating history. No place better demonstrates this than the Kharagauli Historical Museum.

While many of the most significant artifacts discovered in Kharagauli are now preserved in the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg, the museum is still home to more than 10,000 treasures including bronze clasps and axes, jewelry, ancient coins, religious paraphernalia, and more.

A visit to the museum is not only a window into the past of the Imereti region, but into the past of Georgia as a nation. Opened in 1978, the museum’s vast collection of artifacts covers everything from the Stone Age up until the 20th century.

Of particular note are objects such as a miniature bronze-cast ram with wicker ornaments that dates back to the 7th - 5th centuries BCE, silvered belts and swords, works of scripture, and examples of art from Georgian artists.

There is also an interesting exhibition showcasing people from Kharagauli who have made a contribution to Georgia in the realms of culture, science, and sports.

If learning more about Georgia’s history is something you’re excited to do, the Kharagauli Historical Museum is a must-see.

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