You will encounter breathtaking natural beauty all across Georgia, and that is especially impressive in the country’s mountainous regions. The historical province Khevi is a home to proud Khorisari, a volcanic mountain in the main range of the Greater Caucasus. Mt Khorisari overlooks one of Georgia’s highest and most breathtaking lakes, Lake Kelitsadi.

What Makes Mt Khorisari Unique?

This entire northern Georgia is full of untamed beauty. Its towering peaks and ice-cold mountain lakes offer multiple ways to enjoy a picturesque escape from city life. This whole area is an exceptional place for multiday hiking and truly outstands with its incredible landscapes.

What Should You Keep in Mind if You Decide to Climb Khorisari Mountain?

The most popular route to Mt Korisari starts at Truso Valley, at the village of Nogkau. The route takes two days, so you’ll want to have a tent and other camping gear with you.

Despite being 3,736 meters above sea level, its conical shape and gradual slope make ascending less technical, though the terrain is rocky and quite challenging. 

This picturesque trek will undoubtedly leave an impression on any who makes it.

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