Lake Chinchao

Lake Chinchao

If you have heard of the Gomismta resort in Guria Region, where you walk amongst the clouds, visit Lake Chinchao on the same mountain to add more spectacular views to top off your trip.

Where is Lake Chinchao located?

The lake is located on 2,500 meters above sea level, and is of volcanic origin, so fish cannot survive there. Also pay attention that unless you can handle a polar plunge, don’t jump in! The water is really cold. Instead, relax and snap some photos of the scenery.

To go to the Lake Chinchao, head to the Gurian town of Ozurgeti, from there to Gomi village, and from there to Gomismta.

Before you start the ascent to Gomismta, charge yourself with the local dishes in Gomi village! From Gomismta to Lake Chinchao, take the footpath or go up by an off-road vehicle. 

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