Marneuli Imam Hussein Mosque

After Orthodox Christians, the largest religious community in Georgia is Muslims. They include ethnic Azeris living in Georgia, the majority of whom are Shiite Muslims. The religious center of the Shiites is in the city of Marneuli in Kvemo Kartli Region.
Kvemo Kartli

There are a few active mosques in the Marneuli Municipality. The central mosque has a worship area ion the second floor and was named after Imam Hussein.

Imam Hussein was the grandson of the prophet Muhammed. He was killed in 680 during a battle in the desert of the city of Karbala in present-day Iraq. Shiites consider Hussein to be a martyr and the third Imam. The fairly wide area of the first floor is a Shiite educational, and social center and is used for various events. 

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Azeris living in Georgia have observed Ashura, a traditional mourning ritual, every year. Ashura is a moveable holiday, starting on the 10th day of Muharram (September) in the Islamic lunar calendar and lasting for two days. Shiite Muslims do processions, sing mourning songs, censure the killer of Imam Hussein, and praise the Iman.

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