Merisi Waterfall

Merisi Waterfall

When the burning heat of summer sets in so much that even the breeze blowing in off the Black Sea can’t cool you doon, that’s when you should pack a bag and hurry off to find the waterfalls hidden between the cliffs of mountainous Ajara. One such waterfall, located near the isolated village of Merisi, is a balm for hot summer days.

From the administrative centre of Keda, you need to travel only about thirteen kilometres to reach Merisi. After the paved road ends, you’ll walk about one hundred metres into the verdant wilderness before coming to the greenery-shrouded waterfall. Staircases with handrails allow visitors to ascend and take in beautiful views, and there is also a cable car available for those wishing for a more impressive view.

Swimming at Merisi Waterfall is permitted in the natural pool beneath the falls. There are also huts nearby for resting, as well as a cafe. Why not enjoy a picnic of delicious Ajarian cuisine and wine by the falls?

The village of Merisi is also well-known for its exceptional family hotels, many of which lean into the region’s famous folklore by offering masterclasses to better understand local myths and legends.

In addition to the waterfall and the charming village, you’ll also find the therapeutic mineral spring of Gundauri, the ruins of ancient Zendidi fortress, and the lofty views of Keda worth experiencing.

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