Mirveti Waterfall

Mirveti Waterfall

What makes you happy? Friends, family, a satisfying work life, a good book, an interesting film, spending time with your favourite people, good food? Whatever the answer to this question may be, we’re sure that you’ll be twice as happy if you’re able to experience them against the backdrop of breathtakingly beautiful nature. At Mirveti Waterfall, you’ll find the perfect atmosphere to amplify your happiness.

Where Is Mirveti Waterfall Located?

Located twenty kilometres from Batumi, Mirveti Waterfall is one of Georgia’s most stunning waterfalls. Falling from a height of twenty meters from the cliffs near Mirveti Village, this waterfall is made all the more enchanting by the beautiful trail required to reach it. Walking through a sun-dappled forest of Colchic boxwoods, you’ll have the chance to soak in the unique blend of sea and mountain air - one of Ajara’s trademarks.

Besides the waterfall, there is a 13th-century arched bridge and nice picnic spots in Mirveti. You may also wish to try the ecologically safe products and traditional Ajarian foods prepared by the locals in the café and restaurants around Mirveti. You can also take a boat tour on the river Chorokhi. 

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