Pitchvnari archaeological complex

If you want to travel to ancient Georgia, visit the ancient Pitchvnari village in Ajara, near Kobuleti, at the confluence of Choloki and Ochkhamuri rivers.

What was discovered in Pitchvnari archeological complex?

Pitchvnari was a big city from II-I millennium, spread over 100 hectares. During excavations, they found remains of the Colchian civilization. Pitchvnari has the only monument in Transcaucasia related to the Greek ethnos, a Necropolis dating back V-IV centuries BC.

In total, six cultural layers were found in Pitchvnari. Excavations discovered that community settlements that appeared in the areas of Choloki and Khertvisi in the Late Bronze Age (XII century BC) were merged into a large village, and in the VI –V centuries BC, it became a town. 

The remains of the old town in Pitchvnari show us how the Georgians lived during that time. Jargvli-type buildings, the remains of Batkashi buildings of antiquity, cobbled courtyards, and objects of religious purpose, typical for Greek culture, have also been found.

The ‘Pitchvnari Jug’ and magnificent examples of the Colchian goldsmithing and coins, including the smallest denominations – hemitetatartemorions, were real masterpieces of the pottery of that time.


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