One-Day Tour in Guria
This experience will convince you of how special and beautiful Guria is all over again. As part of the one-day tour, you will be able to see Shemokmedi Monastery, which was built in the Middle Ages, and visit places like Shekvetili Dendrological Park, the Black Sea, Gomi Mountain, and the Miniature Park.
Gomismta (Gomi Mountain) is a climatic resort that occupies one of the most prominent places on the list of resorts in the Guria Region. It is 33 km from Ozurgeti city, at 2,100-2,755 meters above sea level. Gomismta is also called the "Resort in Clouds".
2Shekvetili Dendrological Park
For years, it was a swamp and impenetrable forest, but today Shekvetili Dendrological Park attracts plenty of visitors. This unique recreational zone in Ozurgeti Municipality in the village of Shekvetili, stretches over 60 hectares between the mountains and the sea. This area, according to experts, is ideal for many types of flora and fauna.
3Shemokmedi Monastery Complex
Shemokmedi Monastery Complex is one of few religious monuments in Guria Region that was not destroyed under the Soviet government. Therefore, its original architectural appearance has been preserved.
4Miniature Park
At the Gurian seaside resort of Shekvetili, you can see all of Georgia without having to leave the resort, as the unique “Georgia in Miniatures” park can be found there!
In the Middle Ages, Ozurgeti was an extraordinarily and culturally developed region complete with churches and fortresses. By the late feudal period, Ozurgeti had already become an attractive commercial and administrative center of Guria. However, Ozurgeti’s history stretches back much farther than that, with evidence of settlements stretching as far back as the Bronze Age. Contemporary accounts of the city begin to turn up in historical documents from the 16th century onwards.
On the Georgian coast of the Black Sea, 45 km north of Batumi, there is a small seaside resort called Shekvetili, known for its relatively peaceful atmosphere which makes it a popular spot for family vacation.
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